Why is a dashboard essential to grow your business?

Have you every noticed that some business owners invest in a marketing tactic and it works for them?
Other businesses invest in the same tactic and is delivers no results. Why?

Most small business owners are just mystified by their marketing online system. Most didn’t grow up or take courses in this world. In the old world of Yellow Pages, your decisions were made one time a year, “How big an ad?”, “How many listings in categories? and that just about was the level of decision making.

In direct mail, It was: ‘Which list?”, “How many pieces to mail?”, “What is our offer?” . A bit more to think about but still simple.

In the online world, you need to know your keywords (the terms people type into search engines), which search engine results pages (SERPS) are most important to your business, how to get your site ranked, What your positions are on important terms, How your website is performing, are people being opted into your marketing and progressing from “I Don’t know you” to “Lets do business together”.

Juiced metrics is a dashboard which integrates the essentials so you can understand the weak link in your sales and marketing system and immediately make changes. Then you can see the outcomes and continue to tweak and improve.

Normally you’d have to get this information from several sources to pull together a simple picture of where you are. Juiced metrics gives you an overview of the essentials in one hand place…In just 30 seconds you know where you stand.