You want to improve your search results but you don’t want to hire an SEO Expert… you want


You will need some education, some power tools and your will invest the hours in doing the work and learning the work. I’ve been doing it for years and I actually love this work. DIY SEO requires judgement, analytical skills and alot of detective work. It is like solving a giant puzzle.

Here is my DIY SEO secret Weapon… and I’m sharing it with you.


One of my favorite DIY SEO tools is Market Samauri. Their training is solid. Their tool is helpful and offers you great insights into the best opportunities to grow your website traffic.

Here is a link to their website (yes it is an affiliate link, so if you purchase their tool, we receive a small $) so in the spirit of full disclosure. Our team has purchased and has been using Market Samauri for over two years and I love the tool. I only recommend things we use and love.

Their training on finding effective keywords and evaluating competitive strength is very good. Even if you are hiring an SEO Agency, it is valuable to understand basics of keyword research . Selecting the appropriate keywords to bring the best leads to your website is an essential basic key to success.

Why is Keyword Research and DIY SEO important?
All your content creation and link building will be based upon these keywords so this is a very important fundamental business investment decision. You should make sure that you understand this subject prior to investing in content creation and website construction.

DYI SEO can be very valuable to you and your business but make sure this is done right!