How to improve marketing and sell more?

What should I do to improve my business? I am often asked to by small business owners “How to improve marketing”…

Many small businesses jump from one product which promises a flood of new clients to another, with limited success. Many times the tools or techniques are sound. It’s just that this particular technique solves a problem the business owner doesn’t have.

You need to diagnose the particular problems in a marketing system. Prioritize the opportunities and attack the greatest problem first. That always has the greatest impact on new sales and customers.

Many tools and techniques are sound but they are not the best tool or technique for your business right now.

A dashboard helps identify the greatest strengths and weaknesses. Then you attack the greatest weaknesses.

Lets use an analogy of a business systems as a steel chain…

How to improve marketing

Just as building more strength into the strong links of a chain does nothing to strengthen the chain. Continuing to build upon your business strengths offers little marginal benefit to your total system.

Identifying the weak link, making it stronger makes a chain stronger. It is so with your business system.

Our dashboard serves you three ways.
1) Helps you identify the strong links
2) Helps you identify the weak links
3) Helps you monitor your progress

Here is the general framework…