These are the most frequently asked questions….


Q. What is involved to set up my account?

A. Simple.
If you do not use Infusionsoft, only need their Google analytics username and password

If you use Infusionsoft , you need three main thingsā€¦.
1. Google Analytics username and password
2. Infusionsoft domain url and API key
3. Set up your sales funnelsā€¦this requires a bit of thought and planning
The video shows it all.

This video shows the account creation process.


Under the Search section….
We display the top 10 search terms (keywords) bringing people to your website.
– Are these terms relevant to your best customers?
– Are the top 10 search terms (keywords) that actually bring people to your site the same as your top 10 “goal” keywords?
– How long are these people on your site?

Under the Connection section…
– How strong is your domain reputation?
– How many links do you have?
– What is your traffic rank? How does this compare with your top online competitors?

Under the Website section…
– Do people like your content?
– Do they read your content?
– Do they view many pages?
If these numbers are low, think about strengthening your content to better connect with people.

Under Follow-up section….
– What is your overall conversion rate form website traffic to Optin on your “lead magnet” offers?
– Are people progressing from stage to stage in your sales funnel?

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