Juiced Metrics was developed by a team of modern marketers.

Craig Jacobson

Founder and CEO. Juiced Head. Ex-Corporate Guy. Top tier MBA. Small business marketing consultant. Expert with Infusionsoft. Corporate marketer with global experience, a track record of  success that has now evolved into visionary genius. An entrepreneurial leader now focusing on small business customer acquisition. Successfully set up marketing systems for over 100 small businesses. LinkedIn Profile

Jeff Gillis

VP Technology and Development. Juiced Techmeister. Infused with a “Can Do” spirit embracing systems automation and leveraged action. With an MBA in international business, a BA in Marketing and post graduate studies in computer science, network engineering and elearning — Jeff has led teams through technology mazes and emerged successful. Our scalable infrastructure is world class as is our development team. This is Jeff’s work. 
About Me

This is a platform which pulls your essential marketing data from multiple sources and delivers the information in an easy to digest manner to you…for action.

Our Vision
We share a vision of how to assist small businesses grow by applying the right tactics to the right problem ONLY after diagnosing the business need.

The Need We Address
After years of doing marketing consulting and owning and operating small businesses, we noticed several trends. Its seems odd that many small business owners hear about some cool new product or tactic. They buy it and it usually doesn’t work. It may be an artificial scarcity “product launch” or some hyped guru product. Some purchasers of the tool often report it didn’t do anything for them. Others report it changed their life and business. How can this be?

We think this is explainable. If the product fixed a weakness in your business, it was of value to you. If that wasn’t your greatest weakness, but it was a strength, it usually had less value and impact for your business. SO, the key is to diagnose what your marketing system strengths and weaknesses are. Our marketing campaign dashboard helps you with the diagnosis of where your business stands.

We developed Juicedmetrics to fix this specific pain for small business owners: “I don’t see the entire marketing system from the 40,000 foot level”. JuicedMetrics is a marketing campaign dashboard tying in information from several sources to give you that high level understanding of what to focus and work on .